About Natural Heritage Properties

Some of the most vital habitats for our nation’s endangered species are under threat, and many of them are on private land. With competing uses for land, the reality is we are losing woodland, grassland and wetland areas at an alarming rate.

Natural Heritage Properties are part of the solution! Natural Heritage Properties have a vision of protecting biodiversity and reconnecting our National Parks though a network of private land managed for conservation.

Established by Cassinia Environmental (“Cassinia”), each Natural Heritage Property permanently protects some of Australia’s precious flora and fauna, creating your very own conservation reserve.

The conservation values of Natural Heritage Properties are protected forever either through a Conservation Covenant or an agreement with the State Government, which are registered on the land title to prevent activities that could harm native fauna and flora.


In practical terms, the owner must use and manage the land (within the designated protected area) in a manner consistent with its conservation objectives, and not:

  • Remove or destroy any native plants, nor introduce any non native plants;
  • Collect firewood or other naturally occurring materials (such as rock, soil or stone)
  • Use recreational vehicles off formed tracks which disturb vegetation and the soil;
  • Keep livestock or allow domestic animals to enter;
  • Construct or place any structure, store materials, apply fertiliser or alter water flow;
  • Allow the establishment and/or spread of pest animals or high threat weeds

Some Natural Heritage Properties also retain stewardship management contracts, with annual payments available following the implementation of a site specific environmental management plan.

Where stewardship management contracts apply, Cassinia is offering two options for prospective buyers:

  1. You purchase the property, and take on management, and receive the stewardship payments; or,
  2. You purchase the property, while Cassinia retain management responsibility and an agreed share of the stewardship payments, subject to management meeting the satisfaction of the statutory stewardship supervisor.

The future stewardship payments for each applicable property are listed in the property profiles, with a separate purchase price depending on your preferred option.

Purchasers also have the option of joining the Cassinia Community, which includes an established volunteer and alumni network, as well as conservation management support.

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